What is a basic income?

Basic income is money paid regularly by a society to all of its members without exception. The amount and the financing of it will be determined democratically. It is a revenue that is:

Everyone within the community (Quebec in our case) would get it.

Paid to each person and not modified based on household status.

No need to qualify, everyone gets it regardless of anything else.

It is in addition to any other revenues you may earn through investments, labour or other sources.

It is paid out from birth to death.

A basic income gaurentees a minimal quality of life and remains culmulable with other revenues. It allows each person to set their own pack and pursue their goals. Ultimately it allows a more fluid mouvement between jobs, school and personal projects.

In other words, it allows you to set your path without fear that you will be unable to meet your needs.

Mission of Revenu de base Québec

We are a citizen initiative to promote basic income as a policy option for the province of Québec. To achieve this, we are principally engaged in:

  • Organizing activities to promote basic income and the fight against poverty;
  • Sharing information and news about basic income; and
  • Fostering an online and in person dialogue between citizens, policy makers and civil society to promote the understanding of basic income.

TEDx Talk by a cofounder of Revenu de base Quebec (French)

We firmly believe that a basic income can dramatically improve the structure of society and will have long lasting benefits not unlike medicare.

Join us by signing up to the newlsetter or becoming a member of Revenu de base Quebec.

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