Une résolution pour un revenu minimum garanti adoptée par les jeunes libéraux

Revenu de base Québec congratulates the young Liberals of Québec who adopted a resolution for the ” Implementaton of minimum guaranteed income ” during the Congress of the Young Liberals of Québec in Québec City on the 13th of August, 2016. This action is the start of a discussion inside the Québec Liberal Party and could lead to an official policy of the Government of Québec during a future mandate. The Young Liberals have thus posed an important fist step of an ambitions political policy within one of Québec’s large political parties.

Major reforms of social programs are a growing issue around the world and should be debated within all the political parties in Québec. A form of guaranteed minimum income is already in the political programs of Option Nationale, Green Party of Quebec and Québec Solidaire. Revenu de base Québec, a non-profit organization, firmly believes that any such reforms of our social programs must be designed democratically and ensure that any person within Québec society can live in dignity.

Basic income and a guaranteed minimum income must be studied and analysed in a Québec context, possibly through a large scale pilot project such as those proposed in Ontario, Finland and in numerous other countries. From September 19th to 25th, Revenu de base Québec is organizing a series of actions in the context of the International Basic Income Week. The Liberal Party of Québec is also organizing an important conference on Guaranteed Minimum Income during their Forum Idées pour le Québec on September 24th, 2016. Revenu de base Québec supports any initiative, such as the one by the Young Liberals of Québec, that will foster a public debate on the subject and it looks forward to working with the Government of Québec and other organizations to put in place a basic income in Québec in the years to come.